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Following on from the much talked about presentation on the 19th February, given by Revd Simon Chambers, the second of our talks about 'What makes a Vicar' is on Sunday 19th March at Motcombe. Pam will talk about her work in the Pilsdon community among other things.

This relaxed afternoon slot aims to help those of us in the pews understand that 'calling' can come at any time, not always conveniently, and lead us to work we hadn't necessarily had on our 'life-plan' agenda.

Again there will be refreshments and a chance
for you to ask questions to all of our clergy.

So if you you ever wondered what makes a vicar,
what they are and what they do?
Here is your chance to find out.

All Welcome

Sunday 19th March - 3:00pm - St Mary’s Motcombe

For more information contact Philippa Forrest (St James) or
the Team Office 01747 853060

The Recycle and Vintage Sale, held in the Town Hall on Saturday 11th March by members of St James Church, raised a record amount of £3,100 (so far). The sale, now in its tenth year, was the idea and hard work of Julian Richards and members of the congregation of St James. This year the amount is so important as South Sudan faces not only social displacement with some 3.4 Million displaced from their homes but the economy has also collapsed, malnutrition has soared and hunger has taken a firm hold. At least 100,000 people are now facing starvation and a further one million are on the brink of famine. So we are pleased to be again helping the diocese appeal to support our links with South Sudan. There are some items given which will be sold on eBay so the final total will be higher - it was hard work, but rewarding - Well done.

If you were unable to get there, or if you would like to donate please use the diocesan Just-Giving page.

Sunday 12th March 2017
6.00 pm
St James’ Church, Shaftesbury

This week Pilgrim finds that his friends have carried him to the nearest stream, as he was insistent in continuing his journey. Quite by chance they find a coracle hidden under a tree – left by an old fisherman, no doubt! He assures them that once in it, he will be able to manage, so they make their own way home.

This week our theme is "Go with the Flow!", because Pilgrim, for all his bravado, has never tried to paddle one of these things, and finds himself just going round and round in circles – one way or the other! After wearing himself out trying, he realises that his best option is to just be taken along by the current, and only use his paddle to push off from obstacles like fallen trees or sandbanks. So he relaxes and just goes with the flow to be taken to a place, not of his choosing, but maybe in the end it will be far better?!

Do come and join us for the trip and enjoy fellowship and sustenance afterwards!

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Given by
The Right Reverend Nicholas Holtam
The Bishop of Salisbury

St James Church, Shaftesbury
16th March 2017 7:30pm

We are very fortunate to have our Bishop come and give his talk on Art in Worship. This talk, which has been extremely well received the few times he has given it before, is a rare chance for us to experience how he finds art can sometimes be a surprising doorway into our own spirituality and inspire private prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

In aid of the ‘Church and Community Project’ - renewing St James’ church for the future.

No need to book but there is a Retiring collection for our project. Come early to get a good seat as we expect this to be a very popular event. Refreshments available.

For more information contact The Revd Simon Chambers



There are two Women's World Day of Prayer events in Shaftsbury on the 3rd of March. The first is being held at Bell Street United Church at 11:00am with the guest speaker of Allison Todd of Mercy in Action. The second is at Father's House at 7:30pm with the Speaker Amy Shakeshaft. The material for this year comes from the women of the Philippines and is entitled "Am I being unfair to you?" All are welcome (you don't have to be a woman)

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Start your lent off right: join us  at our Team Ash Wednesday Service - This year it is at St Mary's Motcombe.

Ash Wednesday
St Mary's Motcombe
1st March 2017 7:00pm

This is a Eucharistic service when we remember our human weakness and humility. There is a liturgy of repentance, signing of ashes, sermon. All welcome.