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  • Pilgrim Service: Thick Darkness?

    Sunday 13th January 2019 6.00 pm at St James Church, Shaftesbury We now see Pilgrim still walking towards his night’s goal, but through the darkest of nights as he managed to take a wrong turn a way back and has struggled to regain his proper track. This week’s theme is entitled ‘Thick Darkness?’ ... Read more
  • Pilgrim Service: A Bright Light

    Sunday 9th December 2018 6.00 pm at St James Church, Shaftesbury This week Pilgrim has been walking late into the afternoon, and he hasn’t realised how dark it was becoming. Suddenly he sees an extraordinary light and sight in the sky. What looks like angels with trumpets heralding the approach of something – ... Read more
  • Pilgrim Service: They shall grow not old…

    Sunday 11th November 2018 6.00 pm at Palladwr, 30, St James’ Street, Shaftesbury This week Pilgrim stands at a memorial he last visited four years ago; nothing appears to have changed here – or elsewhere in the world either – people are still fighting, people are still starving, people are still oppressed and ... Read more
  • Pilgrim Service: ‘This Way’ or ‘The Way’?

    Sunday 14th October 2018 6.00 pm at Palladwr, 30, St James’ Street, Shaftesbury This week Pilgrim stands at a fork in the track, with his back to us, and scratching his head with one hand as he looks up at the finger posts. One, pointing to the left says "The Way", the other ... Read more
  • Pilgrim Service: Time out – God’s Idea

    “Pilgrim Service” Sunday 9th September 2018 - 6.00 pm St James’ Church, Shaftesbury We now see Pilgrim’s road is closed to him as the level crossing gates are set for a train to pass; He has already waited sometime and there’s still no sight or sound of an approaching train so – in ... Read more
  • An Afternoon Treat

    Sunday 9th September: 3.00pm - an afternoon of musical treats from Peter Miller (violin) and Greg Underwood (piano). Tickets £8 from Gill Waine (01747 851007) or from Motcombe church after services. Afternoon tea is included in the ticket price. Read more
  • Messy Church – Sunday 19th August 3pm

    Join us at Motcombe Church for Messy Church on the theme "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made"   Read more
  • Pilgrim Service: God loves all bears.

    “Pilgrim Service” Sunday 12th August 2018 6.00 pm St James’ Church, Shaftesbury After surviving a hard winter, Pilgrim has resumed his journey as the countryside, too, is waking into spring. His path leads him through a stretch of forest and, as he rounds a corner he comes across the strangest of sights – a ... Read more
  • Flower Festival in the planning…

    The St James Flower Festival will take place over Pentecost next year, 9th June 2019.  The theme will be "All Things Bright & Beautiful". Watch this space for more information. Read more
  • Sangria Party in and around St James Church

    The Friends of St James are holding a Sangria Party 21st August 2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm in and around St James Church It's a Spanish theme this year An opportunity to wear that frilled shirt from long ago or even a frilled skirt along with a long forgotten pair of castanets Come and enjoy a delicious Sangria and meet ... Read more