Regular Events

The church is open from 8.00am until after evening prayers (Wednesdays from 10.00am)  – and is usually stewarded

Daily and Weekly Events and Activities
Activity What is it about When & where
Bell Ringers Ring for Sunday Services and some special occasions Sunday 9.00am
Choir Leading worship in music and song Friday 6.00pm Practice in church + Most main services & special occasions
Church Cleaning By an Outreach Group Tuesday mornings
Church Stewarding Welcoming visitors and monitoring security Daily in church
Discussion Group Discussion and fellowship The Salt Cellar after Wednesday 10.30 services
Flower Arrangers Enhancing the church building with traditional and modern arrangements Most often work on Saturday mornings
Healing Ministry Team Prayers for wholeness and healing During most 9.30 services + special occasions and in response to need
Homefield Group Study and discussion 25 Homefield, Thursdays 7.30
The Lighthouse After school children’s activity Shaftesbury Primary School Term time Wed 3.15- 4.30pm
Prayer Chain Prayers for those in particular need Whenever needed – Daily prayers by member of the prayer chain
Sides People and Welcomers Welcome congregation, prepare and distribute books and sheets and provide support for services All main services
Fortnightly, Monthly, Irregular and unscheduled Events and Activities
Cann Churchyard Gardening group Working to make Cann Churchyard into a “Living Churchyard” ie wildlife friendly When available
Contemplative Prayer Group Praying together 3rd Tuesdays monthly at 7.20pm Homebased
Mothers’ Union meetings Speakers on a wide range of topics Bell Street United Church Hall

1st Wednesday 2.45pm

Mothers’ Union Prayer Group Largely prayer for individuals St Peter’s

1st Thursday 10.30

Worship Band Plays for Family Services, A Time of Praise and some special services 1st Sundays
Catering team Come together as needed for special events As needed
Friends of St Peters A Group who work to preserve and enhance this historic church As agreed by members
Parochial Church Council (PCC) The PCC has 6 sub committees – Mission, Pastoral, Fabric, Finance Charities and Standing Committee As agreed by members

Taking Part – Everyone is welcome at all services and events. If you are new to the area or visiting please make yourself known to the Vicar or another member of the team.

If you are interested in any of these activities or would like to volunteer for one of the many responsibilities in the church such as Sides-people, Stewards and church representatives on committees, please speak to the appropriate contact listed in the leaflet or to the Vicar or a Church Warden