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Pilgrim Service: Fogbound

“Pilgrim Service”
Sunday 8th January 2017 6.00 pm
St James’ Church, Shaftesbury

This week Pilgrim finds himself overlooking a valley, which looks magically as though it’s filled with a sea of fog, with just the tops of a few tall trees, and the crest of a hill in the far background; His road slowly descends into this white wall of wool. Cars speed past then brake sharply, disappearing with a flash of brake lights into nothingness.

The Theme for the week is “Fogbound”. Whilst in the fog all must proceed with care – almost just by touch and feel, because the eyes can play tricks, and sounds could come from anywhere.

It is comforting to know that, somewhere above, the sun is shining and will burn this all away and the day will become bright and clear.

Do come and enjoy the service with us.

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