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Activity-0The theme for this service was 'Salt and Light'. Those attending took part in activities based on this theme, some more messy than others. The worship was led by Pam during which the children present showed what they hadmade and attempted to explpain their meaning. Following this a good meal was enjoyed by all.

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What a fabulous evening! On Monday 7th November, 13 boy Choristers, 5 men, 1 lady, 2 chaperones, the Organ Scholar and David Halls, Director of Music, descended on Motcombe in two mini-buses. At 5.30pm they were rehearsing in church. At 6.30pm they were eating their supper, half of them at the Vicarage with Rev Pam and Dennis, the other half at Greg and Angie’s house. Sausages and mash followed by pudding went down a treat.  At 7.15pm they were robing in the school hall, and at 7.30pm they entered the church, which was absolutely full. Then they started to sing. Wow! Their powerful, beautiful, sonorous toned filled the air, and we were all transported heavenwards! The organ solos had to be changed because of the problems with the Pedal Organ. We had hoped that repair work would be finished in time for the concert, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully, before long, the work will be done, and the organ restored to its former glory. David Halls himself made the Appeal in aid of the Organ Repair Fund, and through the generosity of so many people, over £1,000 was raised. Thank you, everybody who responded so generously. Thank you, everyone who worked so tirelessly to make this concert such a huge success. Your efforts are very much appreciated. We look forward to other exciting things happening before long. Watch this space!


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Salisbury  Cathedral  Choir
St Mary’s Church, Motcombe

Monday 7th Nov 2016 at 7.30pm

Sacred Masterpieces


Music by Bairstow, Byrd, Palestrina and Purcell
Directed by David Halls with Claudia Grinnell (Organ)

Free Tickets (Limited Numbers) available from
the Church and the Village Shop.

There will be a Retiring Collection in aid of the Organ Repair Fund.

To  reserve tickets  (pick up at the door) Tel: 01747 854048
or e-mail:

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