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Christmas Services 2017

Join us wherever you are.

Carol Services

17th December
11:15am - Margaret Marsh
3:30pm - Enmore Green
6:00pm - Melbury Abbas
6:00pm - Motcombe
21st December
6:00pm - St Peter's Shaftesbury
6:30pm - West Orchard
7:00pm - St James' Shaftesbury

Crib Services

24th December
4:00pm - Compton Abbas
4:00pm - St Peter's Shaftesbury
4:00pm - Motcombe

Midnight Mass

24th December
10:00pm - Melbury Abbas
11:15pm - St Peter's Shaftesbury
11:30pm - St James' Shaftesbury
11:30pm - Motcombe

Christmas Day

(All Communion Services)
8:00am - Enmore Green
9:30am - St Peter's Shaftesbury
9:30am - St James' Shaftesbury
9:30am - Motcombe
11:15am - Compton Abbas
11:15am - Melbury Abbas
11:15am - Margaret Marsh (BCP)


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