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Ever missed a great event in church and wondered why you haven't heard about it? Sometimes it is difficult to remember notices, or you forget where you have put your church notice sheet for this week to check. Well help is at hand with the team's eContact.

Please note that eContact is changing - as of the 6th September 2014 we are moving over to using Mailchimp - this will be fully integrated soon. (thanks for your patience)

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What it eContact?

eContact is a way to receive information such as weekly notice sheets and details of events by email. And when you sign up we will ask you your church so that we can send you specific information tailored for you.

Who can Join?

Anyone can join, you don't have to be a member of a church in Shaftesbury - you may have moved away and wish to keep in touch.

Can I stop receiving eContact?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of any email we send.

Will I receive too much information?

Don't worry we will not be sending out information every five minutes, probably a few emails each week at most. But if you find this is still too much you can unsubscribe.

Will the emails fill my inbox with extra data?

No, our emails are designed to be light: For example we don't send you the notice sheets but a link to our website to download the notice sheet from.

What sort of documents will we see?

All our documents will be in PDF (Portable Document Format) which can be read on all computers and mobile devices. This enables you to view on your screen, print them out and even keep them if you need to. Everything is also available on this website as well.

I didn't sign up but I am receiving eContact !

Initially we are signing up all those church members whose email addresses we know. This is to ensure you are kept in touch from the start. But if you don't wish to receive eContact we apologise for signing you up and hope you will  let us know, or just unsubscribe.

I have an issue who can I contact?

Any problems, questions or observations please contact  (aka Revd Simon)

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