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Church Upgrade

The work has now been completed and these slides show how the work progressed.
The floor on the south side of the Nave was to be repaired but, in the event, the woodworm infestation was so bad that all the floor had to be removed.   Our architect, Brian Watts, advised that the north side of the nave would also be badly affected and so the entire floor was taken up.  It was interesting to see that St. John’s has no foundations and that the earth is only a foot down!

The Pulpit was moved to the chancel and all other furniture crammed onto the altar steps as the Vestry floor was also to be sanded and stained during the operation.

Slides show the extent of the woodworm damage to the pews, some only hanging on the wall by a single screw.

There was much deliberation about the chairs, but those chosen are very suitable for our church; with a rail for the hassocks and a book box.  Having chairs also means that the aisle can be widened, which is essential for funerals and weddings.

When discussing the welcome to St. John’s, we realised that visitors would come through the main door and be immediately faced by a second wooden door. So we commissioned an entirely new door, the same size of the outer door but half glazed. Visitors can now see straight into the church and the light from the church also shines out.

We are very grateful to the Trusts, local organisations, Friends of St. John’s and the local community of Enmore Green who have supported us in this venture.

Use of the Church Hall 2011

Whilst the Nave floor was being renovated, our usual activities moved to St. John’s Church Hall which is situated at the top of Church Hill.

Our weekly services were held there and also the December Community Lunch.