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Livestream Service – 13th August (Text File only)




Shaftesbury Team Ministry

Team Livestream Service

6pm, 13th September 2020

14th Sunday after Trinity




The Gathering


O God, make speed to save us.

O Lord, make haste to help us.



Dear Lord and Father of mankind,

forgive our foolish ways;

re-clothe us in our rightful mind,

in purer lives thy service find,

in deeper reverence praise.


In simple trust like theirs who heard,

beside the Syrian sea,

the gracious calling of the Lord,

let us, like them, without a word

rise up and follow thee.


O Sabbath rest by Galilee!

O calm of hills above,

where Jesus knelt to share with thee

the silence of eternity,

interpreted by love!


Drop thy still dews of quietness,

till all our strivings cease;

take from our souls the strain and stress,

and let our ordered lives confess

the beauty of thy peace.


Breathe through the heats of our desire

thy coolness and thy balm;

let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;

speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire,

O still small voice of calm.

John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)


This opening prayer may be said

That this evening may be holy, good and peaceful,

let us pray with one heart and mind.


Silence is kept.


As our evening prayer rises before you, O God,

so may your mercy come down upon us

to cleanse our hearts

and set us free to sing your praise

now and for ever.



The Word of God


Psalm 103:1-13

1    Bless the Lord, O my soul,  ♦

and all that is within me bless his holy name.

2    Bless the Lord, O my soul,  ♦

and forget not all his benefits;

3    Who forgives all your sins  ♦

and heals all your infirmities;

4    Who redeems your life from the Pit  ♦

and crowns you with faithful love and compassion;

5    Who satisfies you with good things,  ♦

so that your youth is renewed like an eagle’s.

6    The Lord executes righteousness  ♦

and judgement for all who are oppressed.

7    He made his ways known to Moses  ♦

and his works to the children of Israel.

8    The Lord is full of compassion and mercy,  ♦

slow to anger and of great kindness.

9    He will not always accuse us,  ♦

neither will he keep his anger for ever.

10  He has not dealt with us according to our sins,  ♦

nor rewarded us according to our wickedness.

11  For as the heavens are high above the earth,  ♦

so great is his mercy upon those who fear him.

12  As far as the east is from the west,  ♦

so far has he set our sins from us.

13  As a father has compassion on his children,  ♦

so is the Lord merciful towards those who fear him.


Glory to the Father and to the Son

and to the Holy Spirit;

as it was in the beginning is now

and shall be for ever. Amen.


Genesis 50.15-21

Realizing that their father was dead, Joseph’s brothers said, ‘What if Joseph still bears a grudge against us and pays us back in full for all the wrong that we did to him?’ So they approached Joseph, saying, ‘Your father gave this instruction before he died, “Say to Joseph: I beg you, forgive the crime of your brothers and the wrong they did in harming you.” Now therefore please forgive the crime of the servants of the God of your father.’ Joseph wept when they spoke to him. Then his brothers also wept, fell down before him, and said, ‘We are here as your slaves.’ But Joseph said to them, ‘Do not be afraid! Am I in the place of God? Even though you intended to do harm to me, God intended it for good, in order to preserve a numerous people, as he is doing today. So have no fear; I myself will provide for you and your little ones.’ In this way he reassured them, speaking kindly to them.


This is the word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.


Romans 14.1-12

Welcome those who are weak in faith, but not for the purpose of quarrelling over opinions. Some believe in eating anything, while the weak eat only vegetables. Those who eat must not despise those who abstain, and those who abstain must not pass judgement on those who eat; for God has welcomed them. Who are you to pass judgement on servants of another? It is before their own lord that they stand or fall. And they will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make them stand.

Some judge one day to be better than another, while others judge all days to be alike. Let all be fully convinced in their own minds. Those who observe the day, observe it in honour of the Lord. Also those who eat, eat in honour of the Lord, since they give thanks to God; while those who abstain, abstain in honour of the Lord and give thanks to God.

We do not live to ourselves, and we do not die to ourselves. If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived again, so that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living.

Why do you pass judgement on your brother or sister? Or you, why do you despise your brother or sister? For we will all stand before the judgement seat of God. For it is written,

‘As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,

and every tongue shall give praise to God.’

So then, each of us will be accountable to God.


This is the word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

Canticle – A Song of the Lamb

Let us rejoice and exult

and give glory and homage to our God. Alleluia.


1 Salvation and glory and power
belong to our God, ♦

whose judgements are true and just.

2 Praise our God, all you his servants, ♦

all who fear him, both small and great.

3 The Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns: ♦

let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory.

4 For the marriage of the Lamb has come ♦

and his bride has made herself ready.

5 Blessed are those who are invited ♦

to the wedding banquet of the Lamb.

Revelation 19.1b, 2a, 5b, 6b, 7, 9b


To the One who sits on the

throne and to the Lamb ♦

be blessing and honour and glory and might,

for ever and ever. Amen.


Let us rejoice and exult

and give glory and homage to our God. Alleluia.


Matthew 18. 21-35

Then Peter came and said to him, ‘Lord, if another member of the church sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘Not seven times, but, I tell you, seventy-seven times.

‘For this reason the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who wished to settle accounts with his slaves. When he began the reckoning, one who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him; and, as he could not pay, his lord ordered him to be sold, together with his wife and children and all his possessions, and payment to be made. So the slave fell on his knees before him, saying, “Have patience with me, and I will pay you everything.” And out of pity for him, the lord of that slave released him and forgave him the debt. But that same slave, as he went out, came upon one of his fellow-slaves who owed him a hundred denarii; and seizing him by the throat, he said, “Pay what you owe.” Then his fellow-slave fell down and pleaded with him, “Have patience with me, and I will pay you.” But he refused; then he went and threw him into prison until he should pay the debt. When his fellow-slaves saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed, and they went and reported to their lord all that had taken place. Then his lord summoned him and said to him, “You wicked slave! I forgave you all that debt because you pleaded with me. Should you not have had mercy on your fellow-slave, as I had mercy on you?” And in anger his lord handed him over to be tortured until he should pay his entire debt. So my heavenly Father will also do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother or sister from your heart.’


This is the word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.




The Lord is my light and my salvation;

the Lord is the strength of my life.

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
the Lord is the strength of my life.


The light shines in the darkness

and the darkness has not overcome it.

The Lord is the strength of my life.


Glory to the Father, and to the Son

and to the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is my light and my salvation;

the Lord is the strength of my life.

from Psalm 27 and John 1


Gospel Canticle

You have done great things, O God,

and holy is your name.


1 My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,

my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour; ♦

he has looked with favour on his lowly servant.

2 From this day all generations

will call me blessed; ♦

the Almighty has done great things for me

and holy is his name.

3 He has mercy on those who fear him, ♦

from generation to generation.

4 He has shown strength with his arm ♦

and has scattered the proud in their conceit,

5 Casting down the mighty from their thrones ♦

and lifting up the lowly.

6 He has filled the hungry with good things ♦

and sent the rich away empty.

7 He has come to the aid of his servant Israel, ♦

to remember his promise of mercy,

8 The promise made to our ancestors, ♦

to Abraham and his children for ever.

Luke 1.46-55

Glory to the Father
and to the Son

and to the Holy Spirit;

as it was in the beginning is now

and shall be for ever. Amen.


You have done great things, O God,

and holy is your name.



These responses may be used

Lord, in your mercy

hear our prayer


Silence may be kept.

The Collect of the day is said

Almighty God,

whose only Son has opened for us

a new and living way into your presence:

give us pure hearts and steadfast wills

to worship you in spirit and in truth;

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever. Amen.


The Lord’s Prayer

Let us pray with confidence as our Saviour has taught us

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done;

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory,

for ever and ever.



The Conclusion

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

and the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,

be with us all evermore.



Let us bless the Lord. Alleluia, alleluia.

Thanks be to God. Alleluia, alleluia.


© The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2000-2005 The Bible readings (other than the psalms) are from The New Revised Standard Version

Anglicized Edition, copyright 1989, 1995 Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

Used by permission. All rights reserved.