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St Luke’s West Orchard

St Luke’s Church is at the centre of community life in our small rural village.

Parishioners feel strongly that our church should remain open and even though not all are regular attendees they are willing to help maintain and fundraise.

On the first Sunday of every month we gather for Evening Worship at which every one is welcome.

We take turns with St Thomas, East Orchard, to host our annual services including , Carol, Christingle, Christmas Day Communion, Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday, Harvest and Rogation Sunday and usually enjoy some refreshment afterwards.

Our strength is our community who cherish times together and are there to support one another and we hope to look at how the church building and it's regular congregation can be even more welcoming to the community it serves.

Our little church is the welcoming centre for celebration of God’s love. We hope you will feel welcome to join us whether you are new to the area or visiting.

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