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Christopher Hooper

Christopher Hooper
Christopher Hooper

My sister, two brothers, and I were raised in a family life based on Christian Faith and service.

For Audrey and I, our ministry in the first part of our married life was with young children aged from 7 -13 years old, whose parents had entrusted us with their education and upbringing. To keep us from being too inward looking we also became involved with our local parish and beyond in various ways.

When we retired we looked for new forms of serving.

Audrey caring for the elderly through the Leonard Cheshire ‘Care at Home’ scheme; and also becoming a Lay Pastoral Assistant.

For me, a door opened to train as a Lay Minister; since when, I have been able to support, encourage, and sometimes guide ,the Vicars, Rectors and Curates who have ministered in this parish and beyond.

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