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Dennis Jenkinson

Motcombe Churchwarden

Dennis Jenkinson moved to the area over 20 years ago and is one of our churchwardens.


Born in North East London half way through the war, my early memories are of air raid sirens, Mickey Mouse gas masks and our bomb shelter.  Life in post war London was not easy but it was safe: I and my three younger sisters grew up quickly; my proudest moment was travelling to Grandma’s alone for the first time, a journey involving two buses.  It was my 5th birthday!  I attended a local primary school then the grammar school; out of school life was centred on church, its youth club and scout group.  Cycling was a passion, 100+ miles in a day not unknown. I studied Physics at Liverpool University, trained as a teacher in Sheffield and started my career in Wanstead.  Two years later I moved to Kenya and later to Gambia.  I loved Africa, its people and driving off tarmac. Returning to Britain after seven years I taught at Portsmouth Grammar School, met and married Jill and fostered two daughters.  We came to Shaftesbury in 1989 and Motcombe in 1991 just before the girls’ adoption.  My faith has been central to life since meeting the Lord at the age of thirteen.

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