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Pilgrim Service: Go with the Flow

Sunday 12th March 2017
6.00 pm
St James’ Church, Shaftesbury

This week Pilgrim finds that his friends have carried him to the nearest stream, as he was insistent in continuing his journey. Quite by chance they find a coracle hidden under a tree – left by an old fisherman, no doubt! He assures them that once in it, he will be able to manage, so they make their own way home.

This week our theme is "Go with the Flow!", because Pilgrim, for all his bravado, has never tried to paddle one of these things, and finds himself just going round and round in circles – one way or the other! After wearing himself out trying, he realises that his best option is to just be taken along by the current, and only use his paddle to push off from obstacles like fallen trees or sandbanks. So he relaxes and just goes with the flow to be taken to a place, not of his choosing, but maybe in the end it will be far better?!

Do come and join us for the trip and enjoy fellowship and sustenance afterwards!

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