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Pilgrim Service: No Way but Up!

“Pilgrim Service”
Sunday 9th October 2016
6.00 pm
St James’ Church, Shaftesbury


Having been able to follow the path easily recently, Pilgrim now finds it steadily becoming less well-trodden and more indistinct, running downhill towards a steep escarpment, at the base of which the path seems to stop!
He wonders if he took a wrong fork, and how far he might have to backtrack to find the right turning. But then he sees some very uneven steps cut in the rock on his left, leading upwards – maybe this is the way after all?

This week our theme is "No Way but Up!" Very often, when we lose our own way – when some worldly obsession fills our mind – we finally realise from the pit of our despair, that the only way is indeed UP! If we search, we will always find there is a lifeline being held out for us: If we choose to grab onto it we will find our way becomes far safer and less difficult.

The language speaks to us at whatever stage we are in our own life journey, and is interspersed with songs from the Celtic tradition. Afterwards we share friendship and refreshments.

If you would like a change from the more traditional service, you might find that, actually, God has been guiding your footsteps, even when you thought you were!

If you would like to join us, you would be very welcome!


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