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Pilgrim Service: Share and Share Alike!

Sunday 7th May 2017
6.00 pm
St James’ Church, Shaftesbury

Pilgrim needs no master’s degree in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics to be able to interpret this not-so-ancient wall frieze!

It seems that everybody, man or woman, has something to offer – be it a cup of tea or a slice of cake - in one hand, whilst also having something to receive – be it a slice of cake or a cup of tea – with the other!

Our theme this week is “Share and Share Alike!....”, derived from the description of the phenomenal growth of the early church as we will hear in our reading. Maybe we might like to ask ourselves how we are faring for growth today and what might we learn by study of the early Christians themselves!

Do come and join us to share our thoughts and our hospitality together both during and after our gathering. You will be very welcome!

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