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Fees and Charges

For Weddings and Funerals there are set fees which are set by the church of England for all churches in the country. In addition there are charges which also apply depending on what 'extras' you would like. Below is a brief summary showing you just how much a Wedding or Funeral will cost. A full list of statutory fees can be downloaded from the Church of England Website



The Wedding Service £424.00
The Marriage Certificate £4.00
then £10 each additional copy
The Banns of Marriage £28.00
including certificate    £ 40.00


Verger £30.00
Organist £80
£160 if Video or recording is made
Choir (per member) £10
£20 if Video or recording is made
Bells (where available) £20 (per rope) + £40  i.e. 6 bells=£160
Flowers Contact for details
Heating & Lighting £30 + £10 for each hour after
Months: October – April
Car Park
St Jame's Only



Funeral Service £182.00
Burial in Churchyard £291.00
Burial with no service £377.00
Service at crematorium £182.00
Cremation following service in church £26.00
Burial of ashes in churchyard £151.00


Verger £25
Organist £60
Heating and Lighting £30 + £10 for each hour after
Months:  October - April


There is no charge for a baptims service but you are invited to make a donation to support our churches work and keep them maintained.

Fees are correct for 2017

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