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People at St. James

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The church is more than just a building - it is people and personalities connecting with God.

Key people you might like to meet are:

Philippa ForrestPCC Member
Philippa Forrest
Churchwarden St James

Elizabeth PrestonChurchwarden St Johns
Elizabeth Preston
Churchwarden St Johns

Jeanne Loader Secretary
Jeanne Loader

Nick ForrestTreasurer
Nick Forrest

Janet WilsonPCC Member and School Governor
Janet Wilson
PCC Member and School Governor

Alan Carter PCC Member

Sue HollisPCC Member
Sue Hollis
PCC Member
Jill Sumner
PCC Member

Murray WalkerPCC Member
Murray Walker
PCC Member

Andrea BlowsPCC Member
Andrea Blows
PCC Member
 Bill Walsh
PCC Member
 Julian Richards
PCC Member

Judy Wade
Electrol Roll

Colin FrancisCovenant Secretary
Colin Francis
Covenant Secretary

Susan WalkerFlowers
Susan Walker

Chris MahonOrganist
Chris Mahon

Jane BainsSacristan
Jane Baines

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