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Prayer at St James

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Download our prayer leaflet here :-

Prayer is at the heart of our church community; whether silent or spoken, on our own or with others, in church or elsewhere. We believe and have experienced that this is how we receive grace, strength and the healing love of God as well as support and care from each other.

There are many opportunities for you to take part in the prayer life of St James, both as a recipient and as a giver of prayer. The Church is open daily for private prayer. You are very welcome to come an pray in whatever way you like:

Help Us to Pray Together

Prayer Cards. There are cards in the church in the prayer corner near the statue of Mary for you to request a prayer. You can write a name, and if you choose, a reason for the prayer. These will be included in our weekly prayers.

Open Prayer Meetings in church.  The word ‘Open’ means that everyone is welcome to come.  These are times of quiet prayer together, some of the time in silence; we can choose to light a candle for anyone for whom we have asked for prayer. Those who come to this informal time find that praying together is often a very special experience.  The meetings are at 9.30am on the fourth Friday of the month in St James

“Prayer of intercession at its simplest is thinking of
           something or someone in the presence of God”
                                                                                       Rowan Williams

The Prayer Circle has a list of those who have asked for private prayer support. Contact Andie Blows 01747 853088 if you would like to use this form of prayer or for more information.  It helps those who are praying to have a name and to know something about the person for whom they are praying but this can be discussed with Andie. Members of the prayer circle are asked to keep the names and any details confidential.

Walk of Wisdom.  The fourteen stations in the churchyard display reflective meditations, based on the Christian and seasonal calendar; challenging pieces of text, poetry and prayer from great poets, comforting texts from the Celtic and other spiritual traditions, as well as contemporary material, are there to trigger thought and prayer. When words can’t help, there are pictures to focus the eye. Link Philippa Forrest 01747 812365

       “ Sometimes when we cannot pray,
                                       a prayer utters itself ”        C A Duffy

Be Still

You do not have to look for anything,
        Just look.
You do not have to listen for specific sounds,
        Just listen.
You do not have to accomplish anything,
        Just be.
And in the looking
And the listening
And the being
          Me.                                      Ann Lewin



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