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Thy Kingdom Come

From Thursday 10th May until Sunday 20th May the  parishes in our team are taking part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.  This is a special time of year as we remember Jesus ascending into heaven after appearing to his disciples following his resurrection.  We then wait to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost which we celebrate this year on Sunday 20th May.

Thy Kingdom Come is a period of encouraging people to pray using many different methods.  We are encouraging people to engage in a pilgrimage around the churches in our Team that are open during the day.  You can find out which churches these are by using the ‘Passport’ which you will find on each of the stations.

Once you have prayed at a station place one of the coloured stickers from that station on your passport.  Take the passport round with you and at the end reflect on which way of praying suited you best.

Think about other ways you can pray now you have experienced some new forms.  If you would like new ideas you can visit the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ website at

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