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What Makes a Vicar?

Have you ever wondered what makes a vicar,
what they are and what they do?
Here is your chance to find out.

This relaxed afternoon slot aims to help those of us in the pews understand that 'calling' can come at any time, not always conveniently, and lead us to work we hadn't necessarily had on our 'life-plan' agenda.

Pam, Helen and Simon will all be at these Sunday afternoon sessions,
which include refreshments and a chance for you to ask questions.

Simon kicks off with our first talk on 19th February and our gathering on March 12th will include a chance to hear Pam talk about her work in the Pilsdon Community.

All Welcome

Sunday 19th February - 3:00pm - St James, Shaftesbury
Sunday 19th March - 3:00pm - St Mary’s Motcombe
(Please note - this is a change to the date published in Key Ring)

For more information contact Philippa Forrest (St James) or
the Team Office 01747 853060

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